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Community News

City Council Snippets

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 2

By Steve Propes

January 8 Meeting

Public testimony about Anaheim Street news stands

Raymond Avenue resident Shannon Bell stated, “all the way down Anaheim there are publications of illicit acts, offering prostitution. Anybody can get these. There have to be 10 to 20 boxes that have these things. All of them are offering sex, prostitution and strip clubs,” Bell, said, holding up some of these publications.
Mayor Foster responded, “do me a favor, leave them with the clerk.”

First District Councilman Robert Garcia said, “Some of these boxes are a lot like news stands. They pop up all over the place. I hope we can revisit some of those laws we have on those books. It’s getting out of hand on some of the corridors. Can we come back with some sort of a report?” Garcia asked of City Manager Pat West.

Public testimony about City Hall East (the Edison Building)

About their bid to buy City Hall East, Peter Zak of Lyon Communities stated, the “council had directed staff to work with the Watt Group. We heard rumors we were deemed to be non-responsive. We questioned why staff had this opinion. We weren’t ever returned our $25,000 deposit. I received an email from staff our deposit wouldn’t be returned until a contract was fully executed with the Watt Group.”

Foster instructed West to resolve the deposit dispute, the said, “I happen to know this building fairly well, because the Edison Company used to occupy it eons ago. It was involved in the deal with the city relative to a new franchise. This has been a troubled transaction and we’ve been told by private parties that due diligence would reveal that there are some problems and that some contractors are not doing the due diligence they should have done. This has taken far too long. I know Lyon does good work in this city. I am advocating for someone to get this project off of square one and get it done. This is just an intolerable delay, that’s my feeling. We need to pick someone who can get the job done and get on with it.

West stated, “I’m not plugged into the $25,000. Some of the time went in to investigate issues with the building and break-ins in the building. A lot of the mechanical items with the elevator were stolen. We had to put some guards in there, so Watt had to go in and do some extra work to see what they were going to be facing if they purchased this.”

Mayor Foster added, “This is a structure that could add to Long Beach’s economic vitality, but it just seems to be dragging on longer than it should.

Fifth District Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske stated, “this is the second time that we learned a bidder could not perform. We should get a liquidated damages clause.”

As an aside to Zak, Foster stated “you can assume there is very little copper in the building at this point.”