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Dunn Announces Candidacy for Long Beach Mayor

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 1

Dunn Website

Damon Dunn has announced that he is running for Mayor of Long Beach, according to an email received by the Beachcomber. Sources say that Dunn actually filed the paperwork within the past two weeks.

Dunn, 36, is retired as co-founder of Tricor Southwest Corporation, a real estate, investment firm, and former NFL wide receiver for the Jaguars, Browns, Jets and Cowboys. Additional biographical information is online at

His email to supporters states:

“Since my campaign for Secretary of State, I have devoted a great amount of my time to my home city of Long Beach. During this time I have worked on several projects with civic leaders, and I have grown to understand the issues facing the city. After much thought and encouragement from several of these civic leaders, I have decided to run for Mayor of Long Beach.

“Long Beach is the 5th largest city in California with 11.4% of its residents unemployed. Well above the state rate of 9.6% and the national rate of 7.7%. Furthermore 32.3% of the children in Long Beach live in poverty and 55.5% of the children are low income. I believe that I have the unique experience and skill set to help residents in Long Beach access opportunity and win their future.

“Candidates do not win elections; it is the support of the people around them. Your early involvement will allow me to run a winning campaign. The maximum contribution to this campaign is $750 per person. My immediate goal is to have 1,000 of my past supporters make the maximum contribution today. If that is not possible, any level of support is greatly appreciated. [Visit] to contribute online.

“I know we can make a difference. Please contact me with any questions. I want to thank you in advance for your support.”

Those who know him best state that Dunn has been very active with philanthropy in the community over the past 2.5 years, saved middle school sports for the LBUSD and provided generous support to local youth and educational functions.

Mayor Bob Foster has not yet decided to run for a third term as a write-in candidate. Sources say his wife, Nancy, would like to see him retire from public life while his city hall staff would like to see another four-year term in office.