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Arts Council Appoints Seven New Board Members

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 1

The Arts Council for Long Beach recently appointed seven local residents to its Board of Directors. These new members were selected from an extraordinary pool of 18 candidates who submitted applications following an open call for board members. They join a committed and dedicated group of experienced board members who have guided the organization for the last several years.

Larry Rice, Board President, said. “We are grateful to have had so many remarkable candidates to choose from who are interested in serving our community. These new board members have a diverse set of skills and talents that will be put to use immediately.”

The new members are:

• Victoria Bryan: Victoria is an artist, curator, educator and lifelong advocate for the arts. She founded and directed a nonprofit theatre company for more than 20 years.

• Maria Campelo: Born in Long Beach, Maria has credited her Long Beach school music teachers for introducing her to opera and classical music. She is currently Director for Integrated Technology Programs at Raytheon Company.

• Weston LaBar: With a background in film and television studies from the University of Vermont, Weston is an entrepreneur and founder of Political Advocacy Consulting in Long Beach.

• Gonzalo Medina: Gonzalo grew up in downtown Long Beach and is a Captain of the Long Beach Fire Department’s Marine Safety Division. He’s active in the Junior Chamber of Commerce and holds a Masters in Fine Arts.

• Gigi Fusco Meese: Gigi has been involved in the performing arts for the past 25 years and was named "Woman of the Year in Theatre in 2011" by the Newport Beach Daily Pilot. She is currently Executive Director of the Anaheim Performing Arts Center.

• Ken Roth: Ken is a career media professional and professor of digital media arts at California State University, Dominguez Hills. He began his career as a print journalist and moved into documentary film production.

• Ray VanNatta: Ray is an art collector and current Bluff Park Neighborhood Association board member. Ray looks forward to applying his management and planning skills to the Art Council’s current “mix” of board members.

These seven new board members were welcomed at the Arts Council’s January 7th board meeting by the current board comprised of the following individuals: Larry Rice (President), Kamran Assadi, Barbara Blackwell, Michele A. Dobson, Kathy Fishkin, Douglas Gastelum, Sylvia Hartman, Joe Herron, Remy Hou, Bob Maguglin, Kathy McDonnell, Chris Miles, Fernando Muñoz, Donald Para, Braden Phillips, Lyn Pohlmann, Marco Schindelmann, Renee Simon, Connie Sziebl and Max Viltz.

The Arts Council also announced the appointment of John Glaza to Executive Director, Kylee Yocky to Director of Arts Learning, Molly Gardner to Grants and Special Projects Manager, Gary Dewitt Marshall to Gallery Manager and Susan Frisk to Office Coordinator.

The Arts Council for Long Beach was established in 1976 by the City of Long Beach to respond to the needs of the growing local arts community and to develop cultural resources. As the city’s arts agency, it functions as a private 501(c)(3) organization. The Arts Council receives annual city support, as well as support from individuals, corporations and foundations. Its purpose is to organize, encourage and enhance the cultural environment in the City of Long Beach. By supporting the artists in the community, together they create cultural opportunities and experiences for the people who live, work and play here. For more information including dates and locations of future board meetings, visit their website at: