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Letters to Editor

Self Defense

From Issue: Volume XXI - Number 1


Why is it that the 1st Amendment is more sacrosanct to liberals than the 2nd Amendment? Is it because the 1st Amendment is listed before the 2nd Amendment; if that is so don’t the 4th (search & seizure) and 5th Amendment (self incrimination) also pale in importance?

When maniacs behave like maniacs, innocent people pay the price. In the case of the recent Sandy Hook murders, 26 innocent men, women and children paid the ultimate price for this maniac’s maniacal behavior.

Liberals say it is the fault of those who support the entire Bill of Rights; which includes the 2nd Amendment. The Left’s ultimate goal is and always has been the confiscation of all privately owned firearms and in their recent quest they have become even more shrill and hateful than usual. Good and decent gun owners are now being vilified in the press as condoning murder unless we agree with the confiscation agenda of the Democratic party.

A newspaper back East has printed the names and addresses of handgun owners in a despicable attempt to brand them as a threat to their neighbors.

The Hollywood Left pays the bills for the Democratic party and will demand that their blood soaked movies and video games remain protected based upon their elitist view of the 1st Amendment. A recent news article indicated that the Sandy Hook murderer, Adam Lanza, spent “endless hours” playing video shooting games.

By exercising their 1st Amendment right to saturate our country with massacre movies and bloody video games, Hollywood has created the murderous monsters that prowl our malls and schools living out their homicidal fantasies to kill as many people as possible.

Instead of confiscation, our nation needs sensible concealed weapons carry laws; we need the ability to defend ourselves against what Hollywood has created.

Craig Miller