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Letters to Editor

Life Begins at...

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 26


Mr. Ramsey’s [Dec. 14] assessment that he was addressing a controversial subject was an understatement. His simplistic approach to the anti-choice issue is reflective of a simple mindset. If we just force women to have unwanted babies, they will grow to love them and life will be happy ever after. Or, if they don’t want them, they can give them up for adoption and all will be well. What a crock of BS! Ramsey sorely needs a reality check before he paints rosy Pollyannaish pictures of the adoption scene.

Firstly, for a man to regulate/legislate a woman’s body harkens back to the day when women were supposed to be kept barefoot and pregnant. Women have long been oppressed in voting rights, employment opportunities, reproductive choices and countless other situations. It is not the ones who can well afford more children who are usually forced to bear them — it is often those who cannot even afford the medical care for a healthy pregnancy that must seek dangerous backroom abortions.

Even when abortions are legal, a 2011 study found that women were about 14 times more likely to die during or after giving birth to a live baby than to die from complications of an abortion. Additionally, women who give up their babies to adoption often suffer from prolonged grief. They may suffer life-long effects, including bonding issues, infertility, anxiety and severe depression. That a mother will just “forget” is a convenient feel-good myth created by the lucrative baby adoption industry.

Secondly, Ramsey must assume that all babies are healthy and white. Those are the ones that are in highest demand for adoption. Children of color, crack babies, those with disabilities or other “undesirable” traits may languish in an adoption limbo. Many of these unwanted babies end up abused or neglected and/or in the foster care system—all at the expense of taxpayers.

Ironically, it is most often the same people who insist on banning abortions who complain the loudest at the costs of welfare and other entitlement programs. They will also be the ones heralding the building of more prisons to house those ill-treated young people who have grown into a life of crime. And, they seem to magically disappear when hard-to-place children do become available for adoption.

Studies have shown that adopted children are at greater risk of emotional difficulties, maltreatment, teen suicide and delinquency/crime. Adopted people have an increased vulnerability to stress, depression and substance abuse problems.

Thirdly, in the bigger picture we must not forget the world’s alarming over-population problem. Homo sapiens are the most successful reproducing species on this planet earth. The number of people populating this globe passed the seven billion mark in 2011 and will reach eight billion by year 2025. It is estimated that fifteen million children starve to death each year while almost ten million innocents under the age of five die from preventable or treatable causes. Many more people die because of tainted water and squalid living conditions. In studies of animals, being over-crowded manifested in numerous aberrant behaviors including cannibalism. The earth’s fragile environments will eventually collapse under the burden of too many people, exhaustion of natural resources and systematic destruction of sensitive ecologic factors. Predictions for the future are bleak at best.

Lastly, gains in women’s rights have been hard-fought/won and deserve preservation. But, if women are denied their own reproductive choices, then the men who impregnate them should be castrated. It takes two; and, it will certainly cut down the rates of abortion. Perhaps we should start with Mr. Ramsey before he “gambles” at putting more women’s lives in peril.
Diana Lejins


Having an abortion is a private matter that is made between the woman, her doctor and her conscience (God).

Taylor Ramsey sticking his nose into it is what liberals do. They also want to regulate what we eat, what we carry groceries in, speech, religious displays. This is what the political left rightfully objects to and makes the conservative movement look bad and “holier than thou.” This is why we lost the election. What liberals don’t realize is, they need to stop it too. We are free people who are free to make mistakes.

Just as gay marriage is no one’s business outside the two involved, so is abortion. Think liberty.

Robert Van der Upwich

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