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Community News

Council Snippets

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 26

By Steve Propes

December 11 Meeting

Hotel Workers

With a large crowd of hotel workers on hand to witness the certification of proposition N, a hotel worker’s minimum wage, a union rep stated “now it’s up to the hotels to implement the law.”
About this new law, City Attorney Bob Shannon stated, “there is no law enforcement authority, the city has.”

Fifth District Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske asked, “Can the city council enforce” the measure?

Shannon answered, “It leaves to the workers to enforce the law.”
“Even the priest from my church was out there with you,” Fourth District Councilman Patrick O’Donnell stated. “So God was with you.”

The item to declare the results of the election passed unanimously.

Harbor Department

An item to approve the Harbor Department’s $18 million budget, the mayor commented about the department’s imminent move to the airport, the mayor and various council members opined they need a downtown headquarters.

Schipske said, “Welcome to the Fifth.”

Third District Councilman Gary DeLong described this give-and-take as “cacophonous.”

Said the Mayor, “You had that once, didn’t you? Took you a while to get rid of.”

“Every Tuesday,” DeLong replied.

The item passed unanimously.

December 18 Meeting


After a planned presentation by Shortnin Bread about ordering bread, Third District Councilman Gary DeLong responded to Mayor Foster’s suggestion about how to order, “there’s a thing called the Internet. I’ll show you later. I’ll bet you Nancy knows how to shop online.”

Farewell Ceremony

In a farewell to Nancy Muth, who is retiring as analyst with the city clerk’s office, Mayor Foster said, she helped establish “the strong clerk form of government.”

Schipske advised, “don’t watch council on Tuesday night. You’ll live a lot longer.”

First District Councilman Robert Garcia addressed Muth. “You’re easier on the eyes than Larry is. Larry’s a good second in the clerk’s office.”

O’Donnell chimed in, “who’s going to tell Larry what to do?”

Gas Odors

When City Clerk Larry Herrera read the wrong item, O’Donnell rejoined about the retiring Nancy Muth, “where’s Nancy when you need her?”

The Mayor added, “We’re going to have to reconsider the strong clerk form of government.”

Councilwoman Schipske moved to request a report from the Fire Department, Gas and Oil Properties and the AQMD regarding the source of “a smell that is described as natural gas, rotten egg or oil burning” and confirmation that the odor is not harmful and to request that the reverse 9-1-1 system be used to alert residents on the eastside of the City whenever the odor occurs.

To an off-mike comment by DeLong, Schipske answered, “the wind blows it away from your district, Gary.”

“As it should,” DeLong rejoined.

Later, when Schipske described the answers she had gotten about the odors and continued to ask what the odor is.

“City hall,” DeLong answered.

“That’s enough, Mr. DeLong,” said the Mayor.

“He can’t help himself,” said Schipske.

“We don’t want to get in the habit of using 911,” said O’Donnell.

A motion to receive and file passed unanimously.

Tax Assistance

Rafael Zuniga of the Board Of Equalization appeared before the council on a motion about tax assistance.

O’Donnell recalled that his “eighth grade teacher was me. He was in my classroom, learning government from me 19 years ago.”

Foster commented, “I heard someone say the eighth grade was the toughest four years of their life.”

After testimony, Foster asked, “How was Mr. O’Donnell as a teacher?”

“He was good. I think I got a C,” Zuniga answered. “It was his first year teaching.”

DeLong asked, “Bad teaching, what was his issue?”

“My first year teaching middle school,” said O’Donnell.

A motion to receive and file passed unanimously.