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Letters to Editor

Robbins 'Nonsense'

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 24

Why does the Beachcomber continue to give Les Robbins a semi-weekly forum to spew his nonsense about Republicans? If I as a white male do not think President Obama's first term was good for the country, then clearly I must be a racist who also hates the poor, the elderly, women, and the middle class. Therefore I hate my elderly parents, my hispanic wife, my middle-class self, and my mother and wife again plus my daughter for being women. Maybe I just don't think the answer to every problem is to expand government and raise taxes.

John Knapp

Editor's Note: We've moved Mr. Robbins to page four of every issue to be alongside Taylor Ramsey, who offers some balance and statistical information in his opinions. Our iniitial objective in having Mr. Robbins write for the paper was to share his unique insight into the activities at City Hall. Look for a new City Hall column by Steve Propes in coming weeks that will report on city council meetings.


Seven years ago, I started writing in to the Beachcomber demanding that counter points be allowed to Les Robbins constant bashing of George Bush and the "war for oil." It seemed no one was interested in challenging him.

At that time he and Nancy Pelosi were claiming that Iraq was “lost” and Bush/Cheney were warmongers out to enrich their oil company buddies, regardless of American casualties. He was using American military volunteers to bash and hate. Folks, that’s about as low as you can get, especially for a veteran. Imagine if your family lost a warrior and you had to hear this. Today, we all know Iraq is not lost and the other claims were simply lies. Barack Obama even embraced its outcome for his resume on the campaign trail.

Barack Obama receives no criticism from Les Robbins for the 1000 or so deaths in Afghanistan since sending in 60,000 more troops three years ago. It's because Obama is "his guy" and has nothing to do with being anti-war. That was all an excuse.

Les Robbins used to chuckle (his word) that “one or two people disagreed with him,” dismissing them. Those days are over and he is actually good for the Beachcomber. Where else can you be entertained with the rants of an ignorant person who has lived off the public dole his entire life, then claims to be a critic of private enterprise, something he knows nothing about? The reason he hates the rich is because he’s not. His "facts" are derived from a local coffee klatch he meets with regularly.

With regard to business. It’s about as intelligent as saying you hate Chevys, but have never driven or owned one. It would be like the Beachcomber printing columns written by me about police work, public safety and investigations, when I have done none of the above.

His hatred for republicans is a typical weak tactic. Create a straw man that you can demonize and blame to divert attention from your own political party’s failed policies locally, statewide and nationally. I look forward to every new issue of the Beachcomber.

Robert Van der Upwich


Poor Les Robbins must be so desperate for relevance that he has decided to attack those of us who take issue with his venomous, ill-informed, anti-business, and disrespectful comments that appear like clockwork –- er Thanksgiving Turkey -- in The Beachcomber.

Like so many other liberal, leftist democrats, Robbins chooses to personally attack those of us who disagree with him, rather than take the more honest and rigorous path of building a factual case against the views we present.

Robbins, with absolutely no experience or history in private industry, has the unmitigated gall to claim that the American Petroleum Industry is a “monopolistic empire” when nothing could be further from the truth. Federal regulations that are currently in place and are rigorously enforced, prevent the formation of monopolies.

In addition, the major oil companies don’t like each other. They compete in every aspect of the business: recruiting the best talent, researching the best technologies, searching for new reserves, etc. It’s the way business is done in the petroleum industry and hundreds of other industries throughout the civilized world.

Sadly, Les Robbins will never understand this principle because he has never set foot on a single square foot of land that is owned by an entrepreneur, a private citizen who is willing to risk his own money for a dream.

Robbins is a product of public employee unionism, the same kind of mentality that has just shut down the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Clerical Office workers making $41 per hour with up to 11 weeks of paid vacation, life long job security, and life long health insurance.

If Les Robbins had a single ounce of journalistic integrity, he would take the time and make the effort needed to perform some basic research into the topics for which he expresses such strong opinions. Go ahead, Les. I dare you. Are you a man or a coward??

Ralph Paul Jacobs