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Animal Control Officer Killed on Duty

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 24

County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control offers its condolences to the family, friends and coworkers of slain Sacramento County Animal Control Officer Roy Marcum. He was a 14-year veteran of the department.

Animal Control Officers protect public and animal safety through education, intervention and law enforcement duties. This important public service ensures our communities are safe from dangerous animals, and animals are protected from neglect and abuse. This is an indispensable and treasured contribution to our community which often goes unrecognized.

Officer Marcum was shot and killed while on duty on November 28, 2012 as he prepared to impound several dogs and cats as part of an eviction. It is customary for animal control officers to impound animals during evictions so the animals may continue to receive proper care and shelter rather than face abandonment.

Department director Marcia Mayeda noted, “The Department acknowledges the valuable contributions made by the thousands of officers in this profession. Officer Marcum’s death is a tragedy and a time of sorrow for all animal control workers, and our prayers and sympathy are with his loved ones during this difficult time.” Los Angeles County animal control officers have been authorized to wear mourning bands on badges in honor of Officer Marcum.