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Letters to Editor

Voices Being Heard

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 24

The letter from the young democratic minority female graduate students [Nov. 16 issue] aspiring to be social workers provides a glimpse into why Barack Obama was re-elected and the liberal college environment. I’m sure these young women are nice people. Gullible and naive, but nice.

First of all, Planned Parenthood will not go away if federal funding stops. Planned Parenthood easily supports itself financially, but that’s not what you were led to believe, right? War on women?


How nice it must be to aspire to help people with other people’s money. And what about those who lost good paying jobs, lost their homes and are now wandering parking lots looking for enough money to pay for another nights stay in a motel? Casualties of a disastrous 4 years of bad economic policy, aka hope and change.
I have met a couple of folks like this. They hate this President. I am not talking about drug addicts and drunks.

To suggest that re-electing President Obama’s failed “hope and change tour” is tantamount to the suffering of millions of Americans is absurd. Who taught this? The college professors these students interact with? Since when was it acceptable that others will simply have to pay a personal price, because we naively believe a politicians professionally crafted campaign slogan? Talk about the dumbing down of America. Folks, we are witnessing it live.

I counted five signers to this letter. Stats say that only 2-3 of these students will even find a job in this wonderful land of hope and change.

Robert Van der Upwich