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Guest Commentary

A Valiant Effort for Gary DeLong

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 24

By Randy Gordon

Against all odds Gary DeLong ran a top notch campaign for the 47th Congressional District. Unfortunately, it seems no matter what he did the deck was just too stacked against him. California’s political landscape has been steamrolled by the union machine as they continuously churn out victorious candidates that will champion their causes. Unfortunately, Gary DeLong was merely the latest casualty.

A well respected businessman who is currently the only city council member that has signed the front of the paycheck, DeLong had an unprecedented list of endorsements from organizations, citizens and elected officials throughout the 47th District. In the end it wasn’t enough to overcome several key factors. The 47th District, like most in our state, wasn’t intended to be competitive. There was a 13% advantage for Democrats over Republicans in voter registration. DeLong only lost by slightly less than 11 points, which shows he was able to reach across the isle and attract the more moderate voters. He was unable to overcome the Obama bump that ensured a higher democratic turnout. He was unable to overcome the millions of dollars and countless man hours that labor spent to pass and defeat ballot measures, such as Prop 32 and locally Measure N, and elect union-sympathetic candidates. He had a very well respected and long-time public figure as an opponent, and credit should be given to Alan Lowenthal for a hard-fought victory.

Let’s look at the bright side; Washington D.C.’s loss is Long Beach’s gain. DeLong has been an asset to the City of Long Beach for years. He has helped accomplish so much at the municipal level as a member of city council. His business background and experience aided in many key reforms that has helped Long Beach have a manageable budget and be more financially healthy than most in the state. Long Beach is fortunate to have him for two more years serving on council.

For DeLong this was the wrong race at the wrong time. Perhaps in a non-presidential year the results would have been different.

Maybe if the unions didn’t spend limitless resources on races and issues up and down the state the job creators in the state would have better legislative representation. All I know is Gary DeLong ran a first class campaign. Gary DeLong did better than okay, he was great. At least we still have the most pro-business member of city council representing the 3rd District for two more years. Hopefully, Gary will continue to represent this great city in some elected capacity beyond that. He is still a young guy with a bright future.

The Chamber would also like to congratulate Alan Lowenthal on his hard-fought victory.

And that’s Strictly Business....

Randy Gordon is president and CEO of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce