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Complexion of Country Has Changed

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 24

By Les Robbins

I don’t always look at the letters to the editor section of the Beachcomber but when I do there are always the same two people who continue to put down anyone who disagrees with them. Much like the predictability of a Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving, so are the responses of Mr. Jacobs when anyone says anything critical of the big oil monopolistic empire in this company, and Mr. Van der Upwich when anyone says anything that he could in any way construe as being critical of his right wing political leanings.

So there I see their two letters, one attacking a writer who chose to say something critical, but oh so true, of the oil companies and the other attacking some young ladies who had the courage to share their feelings about change in this country and its impact on the recently concluded national elections.

Even though in actuality the letter writers who commented upon the results of the presidential election were a little wrong, in that Ohio was not nearly as important as the right wing political pollsters and pundits had their followers believing it would be, they still got attacked for sharing their perspective.

For the record and just to remind those who so conveniently chose to forget, President Obama got 332 electoral votes and carried every single battleground state, including Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Virginia. Furthermore he won by over 2 million popular votes.

The results were a total rebuttal of the right wing agenda which, if you took the time to read the Republican Party’s platform, you would have seen just how radical it was and just how much it was designed to hurt the elderly, the poor, minorities of all ethnicities, women and the middle class.

As I write this article I see that Congress is back at trying to deal with the issue of the fiscal cliff and it would appear that at least some republican legislators in the senate at least, have figured out that the oath that they took when they were sworn in was not to some right wing zealot named Grover Norquist.

The oath was to the people of this country who depend upon them doing the right thing and making decisions that are in the best interests of all or at least a majority of all Americans and not to some whack job who thinks that his pledge is more important than anything else on earth!

Furthermore the Republican Party leadership in this country will also have to admit that the vast majority of Americans do not look like them, facially, and come to the realization that the complexion of this country has changed and along with that so have many of their values and the issues that they are confronted with daily.

I know for all of the old white men in this country, a group that includes yours truly, it may be tough to admit that change has happened, but as long as the Republican Party continues to act as if the world has not changed they will continue to see election day results, on a national level, that mirror those of just a few short weeks ago.