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The Election is Over ... Now What?

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 23

Taylor Ramsey

I mentioned the day after the election in my blog that I want President Obama to succeed in bringing our country together and take the correct course for our economy, debt, foreign relations, defense and all the other issues we need to steer us in the right direction.

Based on his few speeches since the election and the direction he is still planning to go it seems President Obama feels his victory is a mandate to stand his ground and do all he can to move others to see things “his” way.

The President definitely knows how to fight. Even after the defeats the Democrats experienced in the 2010 mid-term elections the President stayed on his message and directed it with a laser beam on the groups of people he wanted to convince to vote for him.

I also read and hear ideas on how the Republican Party must learn to sway minorities, Latinos, single women and young people to join their cause. It seems these wise people with all the ideas want the Republicans to consider changing their values in order to gain votes from the groups mentioned above.

I am conservative first and republican second. It is my belief that values do not and cannot change. Republicans must keep their values, however, they must transform the manner they deliver their principles and demonstrate to all voters the benefits of voting for the conservative agenda. Republicans must illustrate and explain that what they believe will be more beneficial for the United States.

Here are some examples of misdirection by voters in my opinion:
California’s Proposition 30 that Governor Brown fought for to pass to raise taxes on the rich and increase sales tax revenues in order to boost income for the general fund and education succeeded. California residents and businesses are one of the highest taxed populations in America and now the voters are enabling our legislators to continue to waste money.

Voters in California decided to pay more for the cost of living, take money from the rich guys who employ them and send the money to the state who they obviously believe can spend it more wisely. Voters became Enablers. Voters are enabling our legislators to continue to ask for money to cover their miserable attempt at spending our money.

California’s Proposition 39 directing more corporate profits to the state’s checkbook also passed. Again, Californians decided to make it even more difficult for businesses to succeed in California. Raising the cost of doing business will drive jobs away.

In Long Beach, California, measure “N” passed which requires all hotels with 100+ rooms to pay a minimum and artificial wage of $13.00 an hour unless they agree to enter into a contract with a labor union. Again, voters decided to take personal responsibility for earning higher wages away from the wage earners and now are forcing a business to raise its cost of doing business. This can only hurt the business and the very employees it is meant to help.
President Obama won. The President’s health care bill won. His desire to spend money at a rate never before seen in history was validated by voters. The health care bill will increase taxes on ALL of us directly and indirectly. Medical care is going up and just over half the population is OK with it. He has no idea on where the money is going and the voters favor a President who has never had a budget. He does not have the ability to present a budget both sides of the aisle deems valid.

Here is a hint everyone, history shows that California is continually raising taxes on citizens and businesses, spends ridiculous amounts of money and California continually asks for more taxes at every single election. The lesson learned for all of us is, despite the above, California continues to be BROKE!

Bottom line: As a conservative, I must hold by my values and continue to fight for them. I could not look in the mirror or in my grandchildren’s eyes if I changed my values to fit in. I still believe conservative values will be what keeps our nation together and insure our prosperity.

The discussion will continue and I pray.
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