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Lowenthal Employee Stealing DeLong Yard Signs

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 22

Stephanie Wells

Lowenthal Campaign Employee Stephanie Wells Caught Stealing DeLong Yard Signs in Stanton

In addition to the DeLong for Congress yard signs stolen from neighborhoods in Long Beach Rossmoor and other Orange County cities, Stanton Mayor Pro-Tem David Shawver caught Alan Lowenthal Orange County District Director Stephanie Wells in the act of stealing DeLong yard signs in Stanton earlier today.

A complaint [see below] has been filed with the Stanton Police Department and the theft is currently being investigated:

Subject: Stephanie wells
[Stephanie Wells is the Campaign Manager for Alan Lowenthal for Congress Garden Grove office]
Alan Lowenthal for Congress: Garden Grove Headquarters
9240 Garden Grove Blvd, #12, Garden Grove, CA 92844

At approximately 9:22 AM November 6, 2012 I saw a woman stealing Gary DeLong for Congress signs from three locations on the 11800 Block of Santa Paula Street within 5 minutes and putting them in the trunk of her Black SAAB license plate 4WEY702 and replacing the Gary DeLong for Congress signs with Alan Lowenthal for Congress.

I asked her to please take the Gary DeLong signs out of her trunk of her car and replace them. She said “F___ You” and placed one of the signs in front of her rear license plate to block my view. She then put the sign in her trunk and speed off down the street at a high rate of speed. She was speeding in a residential neighborhood. I believe the SAAB belongs to Stephanie Wells who is the women I saw. I ID the women in the picture above for a match.

I spent last night with Mayor Carol Warren, her son John and Council Member Al Ethans putting up the Gary DeLong for Congress signs. It took us the better part of two weeks to put all of them out and many have been stolen! I am getting the total number of signs and paid man hours to see if this was more than a misdemeanor or grand theft.

Mayor Pro-Tem David John Shawver