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Letters to Editor

Beachcombing: Buses

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 20

You mention the Long Beach Transit buses blocking the North bound Bellflower Blvd. right turn lane at Stearns Street, and that they should park farther South on Bellflower. I must bring to your attention that you are quite wrong where the LB Transit buses take their break on North Bellflower Blvd. If you take note of where the buses stop and take their break, they are not in the Right turn lane. They are stopped at the curb, which happens to be a "No Parking Zone" and is marked as a Bike Lane where cars ARE not allowed. If you would take note that the right turn lane does not begin until the solid white line is broken, then the buses are not blocking the right turn lane. The only thing that the buses are blocking are the idiot drivers that chose not to obey the laws of the road and stay in the traffic lanes, until they get to the broken white line, which then means they are allowed in that lane for the purpose of making a right turn.

What really burns me, are those drivers who do not have the common courtesy, oops, it should be called "Uncommon Courtesy," to respect the laws of the city, state, county and country, and think that traffic laws do not apply to them. I wish that LBPD would place an officer at this location and ticket everyone who gets in the BIKE LANE to either turn right into the CVS Parking lot off Bellflower, or make their right turn at Stearns Street. Next time you drive in this location, please take note of this and you will come to realize that your statement is wrong!

As a reader of the Beachcomber, I really enjoy the community nature of the publication and your take on most happenings in Long Beach; however, on this particular item, I had to speak up. The consideration of your time is appreciated in advance, and please keep up the fantastic work that the Beachcomber does.


Wesley Garrison