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'Bipartisan' Stalker

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 20

By Jay Beeler, Publisher

The Beachcomber has recently uncovered a video in which 47th Congressional Candidate Alan Lowenthal repeated attacks republicans and his opponent, Gary DeLong. It was recorded on August 4 in Bixby Park and – within 90 seconds – blames republicans for “stymied real jobs programs …tax credits only for the wealthy … wanting to undo health care … and wanting to take away people’s rights.”

It is in stark, direct contrast to Lowenthal’s claims of being “bipartisan” and willing to work with both parties, as claimed in the Beachcomber’s edited Oct. 5 printed version of both candidate’s appearance last month on the televised program “Straight Talk” with host Art Levine.

Current polls indicate that voters are fed up with the gridlock in Congress and want to support candidates “willing to work with the other side.”

The video is below and ends with Lowenthal stating “I have a record. Hold me accountable for my record.”

Last year Lowenthal had a voting record in the California Senate of voting against 10 pieces of legislation favored by the California Chamber of Commerce and being for two items. He authored SB568 banning polystyrene containers, labeled a “job killer,” which failed passage.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Gary DeLong as part of the organization’s effort aimed at highlighting candidate’s positions on issues critical to the American recovery. “Gary led Long Beach’s efforts to help balance the budget, reduce spending and create conditions that will encourage small businesses to grow, said Dick Castner, executive director of the U.S. Chamber.

On a related matter “the stalker” who has been following candidate DeLong over the past four weeks -- making video recordings -- has surfaced at a Friday evening debate hosted by the League of Women Voters at the Long Beach State Pyramid. The Beachcomber published a photo of the woman in its Sept. 7 issue, following complaints of her stalking activity at the Greek Festival on Sept. 2. DeLong Stalker

The Beachcomber has sent the following email to Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert:

“Having witnessed and photographed a young lady stalking and taking videos of Gary DeLong and members of his family on Sunday, Sept. 2 at the Greek Festival and read this [Saturday] morning in the Press-Telegram that this same person engaged in the “following, menacing and threatening” act at the candidate forum last evening at the CSULB Pyramid – where videos were forbidden without prior approval – [we] would like to know what your office is doing to protect the congressional candidate and why criminal charges have not yet been filed. Her actions are in clear violation of Calif. Penal Code 649.9.”

Although Lowenthal denies any knowledge of the stalker and her activities, observers have commented “Your actions speak louder than your words.”