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Letters to Editor

Media Bias

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 20

Les Robbins wrote: “I am very happy that the media, not just the media on the left but the main stream media, have jumped all over his comments.”

I assume Mr. Robbins is referring to Governor Romney’s answer to how he would win the election when he replied that 47% of Americans don’t pay income taxes and would probably vote for President Obama. I agree with Mr. Robbins that this is an important statement for the press to scrutinize and they have given it a lot of play time. I wish that the press would give equal attention to the many erroneous comments made by President Obama. Although there are many examples I could supply, I have chosen two from the recent past.

During the 60 Minutes interview, the President said that events in the Middle East were a bump in the road. On September 11, four Americans were killed including the Libyan Ambassador (the first American Ambassador killed since President Carter’s administration), and on that and the following days, there were anti-American protests in 20 countries across the world. For the next week, representatives of the administration, including the Secretary of State, the White House spokesperson, and our U.N. Ambassador, made multiple statements indicating this was the result of an anti-Muslim you-tube video. This was later amended to say the incident in Libya was a terrorist assault by Al-Qaeda.

It’s now being reported that it was known this was a terrorist attack within 48 hours. Were they trying to cover-up the terrorist attack, is there another explanation, or is it incorrect reporting? Anyway you look at it, though; I conclude that it’s more than a bump in the road. As of this writing, Saturday, Sept. 29, there has been almost no main stream media coverage.

Also during the 60 Minutes interview, President Obama said that he was not responsible for 90% of the 6 trillion dollars of debt amassed during his presidency. His reasoning included the two wars, the Bush tax cuts, and the senior medication plan. Doesn’t he remember the almost 800 billion dollar stimulus bill and the omnibus spending bill passed by the Democrats in Congress and signed by him during 2009? Doesn’t the President remember he endorsed the extension of the Bush tax cuts and he expanded the senior medication plan? Doesn’t he remember that the Iraq war had wound down before he took office and President Obama called the Afghanistan war the good war?

I would also point out that the dollar amount of revenues significantly increased after the Bush tax cuts were implemented. There were no follow-up questions on this outrageous claim. As of this writing there has been almost no main stream media coverage.

Media bias is achieved, for the most part, not by lying, but by ignoring stories that won’t contribute to the media’s selected end result. It seems to me as if the only time the main stream media reports on anything negative about President Obama is when the reporting from Fox News becomes too loud that they can no longer ignore it. I’ll be watching tomorrow to see what the Sunday News Shows report on.

Janet West