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Letters to Editor

‘No’ on New Taxes

From Issue: Volume XX - Number 20

Vote NO on Prop 38 or any other tax proposals. For those who don’t remember the movie, “The Blob,” it was about an outer space creature that landed on earth and grew larger and redder with every person it would consume. Our governments have become a massive “blob” gobbling up every available cent (as in taxpayer blood) in their path.

The politicians try to sugar-coat these tax measures by telling citizens that the money will only be spent on certain categories such as education. What they fail to disclose is that monies previously targeted for these categories will now revert to the general fund. In other words, it’s a finely-tuned scheme to extract more money from cash-strapped taxpayers to sate their appetites for out-of-control spending.

It is the citizens who must take it upon themselves to curb the politicians’ irresponsible spending. A NO vote on any new taxes sends a strong message that the governments must learn to live within their budgets—just like the rest of us.

Diana Lejins