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From Issue: Volume XX - Number 20

By Jay Beeler

New York City recently enacted a ban on selling soft drinks larger than 16 ounces. Apparently Suja Lowenthal clones are on their city council and are so stupid as to think that people won’t buy two 16-ounce drinks when the urge exists.

Who the hell are these people that think they can legislate what we eat or drink? Where in the city charter is it stated that their job is to be a dictator versus a government policy maker? Even a dumbbell knows that you get people to change their bad habits – such as smoking – through education, not legislation.

Speaking of banning plastic bag ladies in Long Beach, anyone notice lately that two supermarkets are closing in the central part of our city? Too bad it takes two years for the California Board of Equalization to tell us how many local residents have shifted their grocery shopping to outside the city. The movie industry can tell us in a matter of hours how much money a certain movie grossed over the weekend but the state can’t even spit out a timely report within a few months.

It must be something in the water that the Lowenthal’s drink. Bonnie Lowenthal wants to be elected to the 70th Assembly District in California in November. This is the same woman who stood in the park across from our offices last year as an elected official advocating that employees of Cambrian Home Care should be unionized. What part of “This is none of your business” do you not understand, Bonnie? People with this sort of mentality have absolutely no business being elected to an office representing all the people all the time.

This is the same woman who slipped and fell at Long Beach Airport when she was on the city council and sued the city for her own clumsiness. Her opponent, Martha Flores Gibson, has a doctorate in education leadership and change with a long, outstanding record in education and public service. She is a local product, bilingual and has a strong business acumen as well. Martha wholeheartedly gets our support.

The third Lowenthal at the public trough, Alan, has successfully spent away California’s assets as a state senator, killed opportunities for job creation and now wants to do the same thing in the newly created 47th Congressional District. Everybody and their brother knows that Gary DeLong is far better qualified at helping businesses create jobs and grow our economy.

Alan believes that we can grow the economy through more government spending. Gary believes that government spending is the problem and he will do in Washington what was done locally, shrink the size of government to keep the budget balanced. Read our Straight Talk section in this issue to understand their differences.

DeLong was recently endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, adding to a huge list of endorsements from business, political and individual supporters. The fact that he can get eight liberal council members to support his strategies for getting the city’s finances in order speaks volumes about his abilities to work across the political divide. Gary DeLong is the best man for the job and he gets our 100 percent support.

I mentioned the following item several years ago and still see that the problem has not been resolved. Long Beach Transit insists on blocking the northbound right turn lane on Bellflower at Stearns when they should be parking their buses a few hundred feet south, near Britton Drive.

The problem gets acute during high traffic periods and I constantly witness cars pulling up behind the parked buses only to learn after several minutes that they are there on a work break. Then again, these are the same people who can’t get along with the citizens of Seal Beach, so they took their big toys to play elsewhere. There’s a very childish, unprofessional group at the helm of LBT.

P.S. Below is an August 4 video taken at Bixby Park showing "Bipartisan" Lowenthal trashing the Republican Party: