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From Issue: Volume XX - Number 19

Jay Beeler

It was with great enthusiasm that I waited for the unveiling of a new business at Stearns and Bellflower, right next to my favorite Mobil gas station. The site formerly housed Eglin Optometry, which had a sure-fire way to bring in new business: their ads in the Press-Telegram were 8 points or smaller within two column inches, so you thought you were going blind trying to read them. They never advertised in the Beachcomber, so good riddance to them.

Last week the new signs went up and – surprise – another Starbucks location. Just what we needed, another Starbucks next to the ones already at Stearns/Palo Verde, Bellflower/Spring, PCH/Ximeno and 7th/Park. That’s the 11th Starbucks in Long Beach by my count and the 95th coffee outlet citywide when you factor in places like It’s a Grind, Peet’s, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, etc.

But wait, there’s more: 19 McDonald’s serving one of my favorite drinks, the Frappy Mocha, topped with a dash of caramel, 14 Jack-in-the-Box locations and 20 Subway stores – all buried in the Yellow Book under the 1,800 restaurants found locally.

Of course nobody has just coffee in the morning, which is why we have 79 places to buy donuts or bagels. Best of Long Beach winners like Einstein’s Bagels is just north of the new Starbucks, Simone’s Donuts is close by at Stearns and Palo Verde and the sweetest donut on earth, Krispy Kreme, is just west of the new Starbucks. This location, of course, is next door to the Eastside Police Facility.

But wait, there’s more: 74 bakeries in our “Where can I get a cup of Morning Joe city?” Places like Rossmoor Pastries near the Postal Center and Ground’s Bakery on Spring St. are most popular, according to our Best of Long Beach survey. These places offer much more than the common donut with many outstanding choices.

What this all boils down to is more than 2,000 breakfast choices locally for people “on the go.” Personally a cup of homemade coffee and small Italian biscotti is the perfect complement to reading my two morning newspapers. If that’s not enough there’s always Cheerios or bite-size shredded wheat topped with fresh fruit to start my day.

It’s a savings of $2,000 per year to have my own Starbucks at home. But, according to research, there’s probably 500 people out there willing to stop by Stearns and Bellflower each weekday for an Iced Caramel Macchiato and blueberry muffin just to start their day. We wish them good luck.

The above statistics fully explain why Long Beach has about 200 fitness facilities. Ya gotta get rid of that fat somehow.