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Letters to Editor


From Issue: Volume XX - Number 2

Re your January 13, 2012 editorial in which you bemoan the refusal of the City Council to allow the proposed development at Pacific Coast Hwy. and Second St. I hope you read the excellent article on Beachcomber’s page 1, in which Kirt Ramirez wrote a very balanced summary of why the council’s vote was the right one.

As attorney Mel Nutter pointed out in the article, the council did the developer a favor by voting “No”, as it saved him a great deal of money trying to defend a defective Environmental Impact Report (as Tom Dean had to do for the Home Depot proposal) and an indefensible Coastal Development Permit.
Most puzzling to me is your comment, Mr. Beeler, and I quote: “Given the regional need to mitigate the gridlock at 2nd and PCH, Studebaker Rd. should be completed between 2nd Street and Pacific Coast Hwy. Call it the “Ann Cantrell Memorial Drive” instead of Studebaker Rd. and it will quickly become a reality.”

I cannot tell if you think I am deceased, are calling for my death, or if you think that offering to name a road for me would cause me to support building a road through the Los Cerritos Wetlands. Sorry to disappoint you on all counts, Mr. Beeler.
How about suggesting that the developers, who are discovering the difficulty of building on or near a wetland, donate their wetland parcels for a wildlife refuge? This would be a great tax write-off and naming the refuge for them would be a lasting legacy in their memory.

Still alive and kicking,

Ann Cantrell

[Editor’s Note: Rest in peace. The publisher supported the council’s actions, bemoaned the project, and strongly supports the “Ann Cantrell Memorial Drive,” bulldozing a path for birds and people alike to share.]


I was pleasantly surprised to see your support of the extension of Studebaker Road from 2nd Street to PCH. It is especially needed with the construction occurring on the 405 Freeway at Seal Beach Boulevard. How much fuel is used and pollution is created by commuters wanting to go north from PCH having to wait through several traffic lights to get there.

In a related issue the only time the Los Cerritos fields are wetlands is when we are blessed with a major downpour. Otherwise it returns to the seaside desert it always was.

Clyde Huizenga, Seal Beach


NO, NO, NO!!! Absoulutely dp not extend Studebaker righjt through the middle of the wetlands. Don’t developers have anything else to do than think up ways to DENUDE our land? Example, all of the trees on SB Blvd by the fire station cut down. The area looks stark now. The 605 S before 405N, all the trees were removed and it looks very stark and lonely now. I can only imagine what this extension would do to the area, not just wiping out the wetlands, but denuding the area.

As for naming the extension after Ann Cantrell. What a lovely idea to honour a lady who has done so much for LB in fighting for preservation of El Dorado Park years ago. We need more dedicated women like her. I feel you were making fun of her. I only admire her.

Gloria Berg/Native Long Beacher

Editor's Note: We admire Ann as well and think it would be a fitting gesture for her to operate the bulldozer clearing space through that eyesore area to fix a severe traffic problem versus one dedicated to the birds, bees and trees.



We enjoy your opinions and actually agree with many of them. One that we strongly agree with is the extension of Studebaker Road to PCH, which will alleviate much of the traffic in the area ( I am sure the road was at one point planned to be completed).

A turn lane is also needed on South PCH and 2nd which would allow traffic to flow north to 2nd st. too. I thought that this was being constructed a few months back but only to see a partial bike lane or something.

I am in favor of the 2nd and PCH development project and would like to see Long Beach have a southern gateway entrance that is worthy of the Great City that Long Beach has become. Downtown as we remember was very dilapidated in the 70s and 80s and with the redevelopment has become a world-class destination. We believe the south/southeast area on LB is deserving of the same vision.

We need to be pragmatic on these issues and as the years pass by it will be more and more difficult to do anything with the stack of regulations and the actions of with seemingly good intentions of enviromentalists and NIMBYs that are against any progress
or redevelopment of any kind at 2nd and PCH.

Tim & Laura Moore