By Jay Beeler Beachcombing

Our world is comprised of billions of people, most of whom we’ll never meet or walk a mile in their moccasins. On the local level, members of the Fourth Estate get to know more people than the average citizen and I’ve learned that the vast majority are good, decent, honest and hard working. Then there is the very small minority to whom we get exposed because they engage in what is “unusual or bazaar ... more

By Al Jacobs Survival in Tough Times

When economic times are good, you may be inclined to shop with little regard for price or value. But when conditions turn sour, as they have for many Americans, it’s another story. The advertising industry is devoted to identifying what citizens consider significant. Even more so, the market manipulators create those choices. With customers in shorter supply and lesser sums to be spent, the competition ... more

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BBQ Festival August 28-30

... more

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Boulder City, Calif.

In the past few months, medium sized, then large groups of boulders have appeared in the so-called duck pond section of Heartwell Park, bounded by Bellflower Blvd. to the east and the flood control channel to the west. These boulders are meant to reduce the amount of impromptu soccer games. It all began in mid-February when a dozen boulders were ... more

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Teach Us the Pain We Don't Want to Feel

It’s no longer a hush-hush secret. Now, we speak of it. Now middle-schoolers across the district have to speak and hear about it. At Charles Evans Hughes Middle School, every class will sit and discuss it during the assembly day schedule in first period. Every class will listen as the teacher reads yet another article about it. But I set out to not ... more

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Haggen to Close Stores

After a great expansion to the southwest earlier this year, Haggen Food Grocery Store is already closing shops. The West Coast regional grocer announced Aug. 14 that it would close or sell a number of its stores “in order to continue to improve its business and strengthen its competitive position.” The Washington-based grocer expanded to the ... more

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John Patrick McNaughton Memorial Scholarship

Honoring the memory of former publisher John Patrick McNaughton, the Beachcomber is establishing a $1,200 per semester scholarship at the newspaper for academic credit during the fall, spring or summer sessions. This internship is open to any journalism or photo-journalism student in their junior or senior year at California State University Long ... more

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Lifeguard Legend Recalls the Fun Times

Long Beach Lifeguards have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, judges, pilots, coaches, military officers, CEOs, secret service agents, professional athletes, plus many firemen and police officers, according to former chief lifeguard and head of the marine bureau, Dick Miller. He recalled the good old days of lifeguarding at a July luncheon meeting ... more

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