By Jay Beeler Beachcombing

If you are old-fashioned like me, you still have a home telephone line. We’ve had the same number since the late 60s and it is listed in the phone book. We are also registered on the nationwide “Do Not Call” list and get pelted with a considerable amount of sales calls on a regular basis, which we are able to screen using the caller ID feature. Over the years I’ve developed several ingenious ... more

By Taylor Ramsey Getting Out of Poverty

I hope every racist police officer, no matter the color of their skin is fired today. I also believe the number of racist cops patrolling the streets of America is extremely low. I understand outrage is in order when an illegal killing of a person by a law enforcement officer takes place. The profiling of an individual because of the color of their skin is completely unacceptable. In the situations ... more

5199 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. #608
Post Office Box 15679
Long Beach California, 90815-0679
Phone: (562) 597-8000
Fax: (562) 597-9410
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Photo by Diana Lejins

Supernaw Sworn Into 4th District Office

LA COUNTY SUPERVISOR Don Knabe gave the oath of office to newly elected 4th District Councilmember Daryl – with his wife, Cheryl – at the May 5 meeting of the Long Beach City Council. Supernaw told the Beachcomber that his chief of staff would be Alan Gafford, who will also head the transition team. Fourth District residents can reach the district ... more

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Broadcasting at the Beach

In 1981, when CSULB took low-powered FM station KSUL off the air when the University Foundation acquired KLON as a jazz station (now known as KKJZ), there was more than a little protest by those who charged students were silenced in favor of broadcast professionals. One of those antagonistic to the demise of KSUL was university alum Mike Stark, who ... more

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Stage 2 Water Supply Shortage Declared

The Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners declared a Stage 2 Water Supply Shortage that will put into effect a two-day per week landscape watering schedule year-round. The board’s action moves the Conservation and Water Supply Shortage Plan up from the first-ever Stage 1 Shortage declared last November. Long Beach has been using smart meters ... more

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'Prophet' Patzert Forecasts Our Future Water Plight

Bill Patzert is known as The Prophet of California Climate. He has studied the Southern California climate for more than 40 years and is considered the foremost expert on the relationship between the ocean conditions and weather patterns. He spoke at the Aquarium of the Pacific on April 24. Bill is based at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in ... more

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Rat Out Water Abuse

... more

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Beachcomber Reporter Dies After Fall on Parade Route

Michael Sandow, a freelance reporter for the Beachcomber, died eight days after falling and hitting his head on the hardscape while taking photos of the Pride Parade on May 17. Long Beach Fire Department paramedics were dispatched to Ocean Boulevard and Cerritos Avenue shortly before noon and found Sandow unconscious and suffering from head trauma. He ... more

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