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Letters to Editor
Complaint Commission

Saturday July 25


Excellent series in the Beachcomber by former LAPD Deputy Chief Steven Downing about the Long Beach "Citizens" Police Complaint Commission!

Today's CPCC is a sham. Its staff reports to the same City Manager as the Chief of Police.

Try asking for a complaint form. It comes with a threat against you in large bold letters that it is unlawful to file a false complaint and you can be sued by the city if you can't prove what you allege is the truth.

So who investigates what the truth is? The same police department you are complaining against working for the same city that is threatening to sue you!

If (without objective investigation) you could already prove police were in the wrong, there would be little need for the CPCC. This is nothing more than blatant intimidation to make sure that no victim (or witness) of injustice dare speak up!

L.B. pseuDOnymous

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