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Letters to Editor

Tuesday April 21


Obama keeps saying we either need a deal or war is the only other option with Iran. Why doesn't he understand we're already in an undeclared war with Iran? Is he waiting for them to have the nuclear bomb before it's declared? Does he want Israel to be glass from an Iranian bomb before he gets it?

Iran is busy in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, the West Bank and God only knows where else as they build ICBMs and Obama is worried about not getting a deal. Iran has said they will not allow ANY inspection of military bases. They have said over and over on a daily basis "Death to Israel and death to America." What doesn't he get? Is this man dense or just such a narcissistic egomaniac that thinks all he has to do is wish things to be better and stand behind his teleprompter and all is right with the world.

We're still in a recession, jobs are nowhere to be found, Obama keeps taxing and spending, business stays away in droves, he keeps expanding giveaway programs with a nearly $19T national debt and he still has the liberal media in the palm of his hand. That isn't news, it's disgusting. How can voters continue to listen to this lying man? Is this any different than "You can keep your doctor if you want with Obamacare"? Other than the fact this deal is putting us in an incredible national security risk.

What has become of the American voter that we can't discern pure ignorance or blind stupidity in our leaders? Our governor is more interested in an electric bullet train in a flex alert state than our water problem and our legislature raises taxes, fees and now allows the EPA to tax an extra $.15 a gallon on gas as they say they're for the little guy.

Explain this to me 'cause I just don't understand.

Vance Frederick


Sunday April 19

As a 42 year retired Long Beach City Employee (before unions) I loved your April 17 editorial. You mentioned that 25 percent of the city's employees make in excess of $100,000.

My granddaughter works as a City of Long Beach library clerk (part time). She makes less than $20,000 a year. She has worked two years. There are rumors that the city try to solve their budget problems by not hiring full-time clerical employees. My granddaughter does not get paid for holidays and gets no sick leave or vacation and works less than 40 hours a week.

There is an old saw in city employment: "The less money you make the harder you work." An incident happened once where she had to talk a young patron to give up his knife. A policeman would have shot him!

Can you find the percentage of city employees who work part time?
I don't think the burden of solving the budget problems should be on the back of the lower income clerical employees.

Gilbert Goodwin

Pricklyness at City Hall

Friday April 17

Newly-elected councilman Daryl Supernaw shocked everyone – except the voters – in his ten-point victory in the race to fill the unexpired term of former councilman Patrick O’Donnell.

The gentleman deserves tremendous credit, because everyone – including supporters – were put off by what some called Supernaw’s tendency to be a control freak. A ten-point victory has a way of wiping away such thoughts, but precisely the aspect that propelled Supernaw to victory – namely, a steadfast belief in his own navigation of the political process – could doom him.

There are lessons all around. For the power structure of City Hall, the lesson is you can’t sell someone to voters that they absolutely don’t know.

For the winner, the lesson is that a complete unknown won 42 percent of the vote, suggesting that April 14 could be a high-water mark in a district that has recently ejected two incumbents after just one term.

To clear the path to reelection, Daryl Supernaw must post a record of achieving things, and that’s the rub. That sort of success occurs by smelling deals, acting with flexibility, working with others to form majorities and putting aside all personal differences so you can focus on policy.

One who follows their own star is not likely to smell a deal, or be able to close one. Flexibility is difficult, if one thinks they can control the legislative process. Majorities don’t happen if you don’t work with others. That said, it is the City Hall establishment that should be reaching out, to soothe over the wounds of the campaign.

Councilmembers and the mayor who endorsed Supernaw’s opponent are understandably bummed. An ally and friend lost badly. Their superb mechanical operation – she DID get 42 percent – fell short, but a turn around of just five points, and she would have won it.

The wise ones in City Hall will put all that aside, reach out to the winner, and find commonality, but don’t count on too much of that. This race is about hubris, on both sides.

The power structure banked everything, and lost. The winner is not someone naturally warm. Prickliness is likely to prevail at City Hall.

The challenge for the winner is greater. He will endure snubs, being talked down to, be rejected on motions and will face long odds at getting specific projects into the mayor’s budget. And since he didn’t support the power structure’s tax hike, the last dollars that the majority is likely to spend will be in the Fourth.

That same steadfastness that carried Daryl Supernaw to victory will be tested mightily. He is a gracious man, but he holds grudges. He needs to reach out, just as much as others need to reach out to him.

Graciousness is the formula to success for the new councilman and the elected officials he has to work with. Let’s hope there is a big enough supply at City Hall.

Bill Orton

Project Labor Pact

Friday April 17

If there was ever any question that the Long Beach City Council members’ votes are owned “lock-stock-and-barrel” by organized labor unions, Tuesday’s [April 7] unanimous vote on a project labor pact that favors unionized workers should have completely demolished any doubts. Why was there no copy of the draft proposal available to the public before the vote? Why was the council chamber stacked with dozens of union members during the vote?

What has happened to the concept of competitive bidding on tax-payer funded projects? Project costs are assuredly bound to increase by limiting eligibility to only union shops. Why does the City Council ignore the best interests of the citizens of Long Beach, who pay their salaries, and who are, by an overwhelming majority, not union members? Where is the transparency? Where is the accountability? Why is this pact not subject to public oversight or even a second presentation and vote by the Council? Does anyone on the City Council have the guts to respond to my questions?

Ralph Paul Jacobs

Mayor's Lie to Voters

Friday April 17

I’ve been a proud Democrat for 41 years.

Mayor Robert Garcia sent a letter to residents of the 4th district regarding the Special Election on April 14. I applaud his quote that “it is your civic duty to vote,” as this is my theme while walking the district, talking to neighbors about what a councilman needs to know about their particular area, while campaigning for this City Council seat.

However he states that his chosen candidate “is also the only Democrat running.” Apparently Mr. Mayor doesn’t feel the need to tell the truth about this election. I am a proud Democrat in this election, as is noted by the Long Beach City Clerk’s office and

I have been a Democrat since I was able to register to vote 41 years ago versus the mayor’s seven years, which is just two years after he co-founded the “Long Beach Young Republicans” group in 2005. This is part of his “bio” on Wikipedia for anyone who would like to verify these statements. It is too bad that Mayor Garcia didn’t care to verify what he tells voters, before making false, misleading statements.

Richard Lindemann

It’s the same behavior from the POA. They lie to the public even after they are called out for it time and time again. Then when one lodges a complaint for their lies as well as misuse of city equipment or wearing the uniform to promote candidates illegally, the police chief is denied the investigation and adjudication and the city manager covers it up and stonewalls the citizen. The union continues their impunity and nothing changes at City Hall. The police union has more power and influence than does the chief of police.

The city manager, department heads, the city attorney and selected council persons salivate at their influence and the pot of gold they pour into elections while they continue to protect the unfit and empty the city treasury with lawsuits and outlandish benefit packages.

It’s time that we tell City Hall to stop paying the salary and benefits for those police officers who work full and part time at union headquarters rather than serving the taxpayer on the street by actually protecting and serving. Let their dues carry the full load of the deceptions they perpetrate upon the public. At least the taxpayer won’t have to carry the full cost of being lied to.

Steve Downing
LAPD Deputy Chief, retired
and Long Beach resident

I am responsible for the mailing you referenced in your [on-line] story.

I wanted to clarify that the language you reference in your story was printed mistakenly, and was not consistent with the version of the letter approved by the mayor.

The language approved by the mayor was “the only candidate endorsed by the Democratic Party,” which is true.

Mike Shimpock
SG&A Campaigns & LBPOA Consultant, Pasadena, CA

Question authority. The citizens of Long Beach are beholden to no one. And everyone has a right to question and understand every aspect of this city and the city has a legal obligation to provide such [information] to the people upon request. Yet, with the present administration, there has been a visible effort to roadblock clarity and transparency.

So why the resistance? What stands to be jeopardized? People need to begin asking “Why?”

Why does the mayor of Long Beach feel the need to have a vested interest in the matters of a district to which he’s neither communicated nor given relevance at council meetings that insure our voices matter?

Why has it become the mayor’s mission to advocate a candidate whose experience lacks the traits necessary to be a valued, trustworthy representative for the people? What is the mayor’s objective here? Or is it, perhaps, desperation?

Is this a last-ditch effort to invoke his stature unto the citizens that his word is credible in an effort to salvage a candidate’s reputation that is not?

Is it to seize and take command where the PACs have failed? And why do PACs matter in the first place? They only cast their shadow when an election takes place.

Or maybe, just maybe, that true democracy is just around the corner and closing in fast.

With respect to authority, perhaps it is best to seek one’s self perspective instead. A vote boils down to whom you trust, and trust is built on reliability, honor, honesty, openness and integrity. Now verify and cast your vote!

Dan Halverson

LBPOA, City Hall Corruption

Friday April 17


The totality of today's publication says a great deal about the corrosion of governance in Long Beach as well as its corrupting influences. It also points the way out of the quagmire of dishonesty and instructs the average citizen as to how we can deal with marginal cheaters like the LBPOA.

I congratulate you for having the courage to expose the cesspool of cronyism at City Hall. Now it's up to the rest of us to follow through.

Stephen Downing
Deputy Chief, LAPD (ret)
Long Beach Resident