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Letters to Editor
Honorable Mention

Tuesday November 18

Honorable mention to Community Scanner [11-14-14]. Really, a very honorable mention for/to the marine and navy F-18 pilots in Long Beach last week. A great sight to see the military perform their "duties" here -- along with the B-1 occasionally -- and always the C-17. How could anyone not be proud to see these six aircraft in action?

Patrick Coleman

Space Exploration

Saturday November 15


Not sure what Al Jacobs is smoking but to believe that space travel and exploration are a done deal shows all the imagination of a professional investor. Dreaming and invention and innovation are not exactly in his wheel house. At this moment NASA is building and refining capsules that can land on terrestrial bodies and continue our trek into the final frontier. To give up on space is to give up on expanding our knowledge and growth as the human race. It says human race and not sit around and grow sloppy ignorant of our surroundings. I'm glad that NASA and others are still reaching for the stars. It means we as a human race have a chance.

Vance Frederick

Pets Not Luggage

Friday November 14

Lindsay Pollard-Post


The reported disappearance of a dog named Ty at the Los Angeles International Airport after he was checked with the baggage is a reminder of why we should never ship our animal companions like luggage.

Every year, animals are lost, injured, and killed on flights. Cats and dogs have escaped after their carriers were damaged in transit and become lost inside airplanes and hangars. Others have bolted, never to be seen again, after airline employees let them out during layovers. Many others have been cooked alive or died of hypothermia inside planes’ cargo holds, which can quickly reach deadly temperature extremes because they are designed for luggage—not living beings.

Being tossed among the luggage in a loud, dark, strange place, far from their guardians is also extremely traumatic for animals. If you must fly with your animal, always take him or her in the cabin with you. If your animal is too large or unsuited for flying, it’s far safer and less stressful to drive her to your destination or leave her at home with a trusted caretaker.

For more tips on traveling with animals, visit

Lindsay Pollard-Post
The PETA Foundation

Less Red Tape

Friday November 14


I am happy to see that our current city council members are looking into creative ways to offer incentives to attract small business owners to Long Beach. Not only does this make our city more attractive to its citizens, neighboring cities and tourists … new business brings to Long Beach much needed sales tax revenue. Eliminating much of the “red tape” and burdensome costs would certainly help to attract new business to our city.

Stacy Mungo, 5th District City Councilwoman, is addressing outdated requirements for zone changes, Conditional Use Permits and Administrative Use Permits. The current outdated requirements often increase costs to new business applicants by $1,000. Having the Long Beach notice requirements consistent with state law and updating our electronic noticing system will reduce these permit costs. This could mean up to a $1,000 fee reduction for Conditional Use Permits with absolutely no fiscal impact.

This is the type of creative, out of the box thinking that the people of Long Beach need from its leaders. Reducing fees for small business owners, more sales tax revenue brought into our city with no fiscal impact on our citizens.

Thank you Councilwoman Mungo and the Long Beach City Council.

Susan Blair


So neat to read a neighbor has been paying attention to my council items. I am excited to reduce the red tape and look forward to the item returning to the full council for implementation!

Stacy Mungo