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Letters to Editor
Speaking the Truth

Saturday August 23

Many Americans instinctively know, as they read the happenings across our country, that local police are now on their way, and of course perhaps unintentionally, to starting a race-war. From New York, to St. Louis, to Ferguson, and finally, to our beautiful city, we see the uniformed, but uninformed, less trained, and trigger-happy cops within the police force, actually costing our city rather than protecting the citizens in it!

And in the midst of this, a retired deputy chief of police of one of
America's major cities, had the courage to speak the truth, as he unfrocked a long-term police union leader in Long Beach, who is part and parcel, and one overt example of how we have come to our current situation in Long Beach.

And finally, a newspaper publisher has had the guts to let this retired deputy chief of police set the police record straight, and to inform the public fully, demonstrating the role of the peace officer rather than police public relations officer. Thank you Jay and the Beachcomber for this service to the people of Long Beach.

Our elected city leaders, for some reason or another, have taken a vow of silence as the police have lost one case after another, as the few have been permitted to run roughshod over our city. We have a new mayor, and a few new councilmembers, and they should all receive a copy of the August 22 edition of the Beachcomber. We don't want them to plead ignorance on the matter.

Darwin Thorpe

Illegal Aliens

Friday August 22

Americans seem to have very short or no memories of recent history. It was in 1985 that President George H. Bush had major problems with our friends in Mexico. At that time the Mexican drug scum kidnapped DEA Agent Enrigue Camarena and spent days slowly beating him to death, then nursing him to a little health, then beating him some more with a car jack until they killed him.

George H. Bush could get no help from the corrupt Mexican government so he acted as a president should. He closed the Mexican border. He pulled the switch and stopped everything cold. Boats, planes trains and automobiles stopped. No foot traffic. I can’t remember the name of the turd that was El Presidente at the time but in two to three days things changed pronto.

If our president would stop his fund raising campaign ($33,000 a plate) from these poor democrats and seal the whole border tight, then call EnriQue Pena Nieto, the president of Mexico, and do his imitation of a strong U.S. President and say “nothing, not even air, will cross this border in either direction” until this stops or he can expect 12 to 15 million of his countrymen to be returned in the next few months. Well, fat chance.

Mexico and Guatemala have a treaty that Mexico won’t stop any flow of people crossing their border to go to the USA. Remember the song from West Side Story: “Every ting free in America.”

James Dagen

LBS Name, Mascot

Friday August 22

Once again we alumnus of the California State University, Long Beach must defend our name and mascot against the latest F.N.G., in this case CSULB Athletic Director Vic Cegles.

Obviously he did not do his homework before they hired him or he would understand that the names are there for a reason.

First, Prospector Pete, named after the university was founded in 1949. Thus the name the 49ers. To rename it The Beach just shows a lack of class and someone who texts excessively. It doesn’t matter how thousands are donated, you don’t change tradition for a dollar amount. Besides, with the breakwater, we have the beach that is hardly worth mentioning.

Second, the university was at one called California State College, Long Beach. However thanks to the man who brought demise of the football team, the university changed from being a college to university. California State University, Long Beach is one university of a number other universities in the California State University System. There are all kinds of various implications that hold up being in this system as opposed to being an independent university such as a name like Long Beach State University would imply.

Just like the poker chips and sperm whales, or what I called the bread wrapper barcode atop the dirty diapers of the sea, changing the Long Beach city seal was a horrendous flop.

Let’s not let the latest F.N.G. walk in and stir the soup when he has not got it right to begin with.
Keep the 49ers!

Ward Johnson, MPA

Water Rates

Friday August 22

The purpose of this letter is to update your [August 22] Steve Pope article regarding Long Beach Water Department rates and billing. The City of Long Beach violates CA Prop 218. This Constitutional Amendment requires billing rates to be based on cost. LB water rates have no basis in cost, they are arbitrary tiers established to reward SFR (single-family residence) homeowners and punish poor people living in multi-family housing. There is no cost-based analysis for the water rates.

Further, the tiered rates are based on the assertion that TWO persons only live in multi-family homes (duplex, condo, apartment), and FOUR persons live in SFR. Simple Math: SFR meters x 4 + Multi-Family meters x 2 = total population that bears no resemblance to US Census. It is all another lie by city administration. Violation of Prop 218 + false household body-counts = two lies do not make a truth. They are the makings of an expensive lawsuit the city will lose.

John Briscoe