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Letters to Editor
LBSU Branding

Saturday July 26


[I choose] 49ers. We already have Beach in the name. Should we change it to Dirtbags or some other marketing name? I would be in favor of changing the school name to Long Beach State with or without "university," like San Diego and Fresno. I always wore LBSU vs. CSULB while attending Long Beach State.

Scott Schaidle

Illegal Immigrants

Friday July 25

According to a Gallop poll from March 2013, 138 million people from across the world would like to immigrate to the U.S.

In order to help less fortunate people, as immigrants and as recipients of foreign aide, we need to maintain a thriving economy. If we don’t enforce our borders, our economy will suffer and I believe significantly. While most of us have compassion for the people who have come to us for help, the reality must dictate how we respond.

We must return these people to their home countries and secure our borders. Only then will the deluge stop. As a temporary measure, send the National Guard down to the border where they can do paperwork and take care of the unescorted minors. That would free up Border Patrol Agents to secure our border. And instead of stationing the agents 40 miles north of the border, station them on the border.

The reason the stream of illegal immigrants is crossing the border in Texas and not here in California is because of the double layer fence south of San Diego. Representative Duncan Hunter was instrumental in getting that fence built and deserves our gratitude.

President Obama says the border fence is “now basically complete”. Not true. The Secure Fence Act called for 652 miles (the southern border is almost 2,000 miles long) of double-layer fencing and only 36.3 miles of double-layered fencing now exists.

The vast majority of the requirement was met with vehicle barriers and single-layer pedestrian fence. The original act specifically called for double-layer fencing but the act was later amended to allow Border Security the discretion to determine which type of fencing was appropriate for different areas. A fail for polticians.

I believe if all American citizens were informed, we would demand that the border be secured first, the current surge of illegal immigrants stopped, and then we can discuss a pathway to citizenship and all other illegal immigration issues.

Janet West

When Father Junipero Serra established the California Missions hundreds of years ago, Mexicans were here to greet him. Latinos have always been here legal and illegal.

Here’s what I know with certainty from experience:
A third are not criminals. You cannot tell who is truly legal due to the black market of counterfeit documents including passports, drivers licenses and green cards.

Many have fake social security numbers in our antiquated and flawed federal data system. A story online suggested that up to 1600 law enforcement officers in California are here illegally.
I am told that probably a third of the Latino community in the greater LA area are undocumented.

They are gardeners, construction laborers, restaurant workers. The guy drying your car at the car wash is probably undocumented. They work jobs most of us will not work, and they work hard. The suggestion that they are taking jobs from Americans is highly doubtful, unless you want to work the aforementioned jobs, in a factory sweat shop, or harvest agriculture bent over in the hot sun all day. Somehow I doubt it.

The problem lies in requirements to come here legally when you are poor and uneducated. Meeting the asset and income requirements for a visa are impossible.

Solution? All we need is a worker ID program to identify people.
No pathway to citizenship. If you want to work, sign up with a birth certificate. Issue worker photo ID’s so they are in the system and police know who they are. Legal worker ID’s would allow legal driving opportunities and insurance coverage.

If we find you here without signing up, you are charged with a crime and deported. Its about legitimate identification for purposes of public safety. Anyone who thinks that all illegals should be or could be deported may as well wish to go to the moon. It’s not gonna happen. Besides, we need the workers.

The black market that produces counterfeit documents would take a huge hit because it would be unnecessary.

Robert Van der Upwich

Casa Oceana

Friday July 25

I found your article on Casa Oceana very interesting.

Sometime in the 70s or 80s we purchased a large painting by Max Wieczorek, from an antique dealer in Long Beach. It is signed and dated 1917. The painting is of a Mrs. Baker, a socialite from Pasadena, a very saucy, charming lady and I learned, that he painted many well known people in Pasadena. I didn’t know that eventually he moved to Pasadena. By the way, he first came to New York, where he worked in the Louis C.Tiffani studio, then they moved to Long Beach.

We have lived in Long Beach since 1956 and in 1965 we built a home in the La Marina Estates, close to CSULB. This area is neither near a real Marina, nor are these homes part of a true estate. It is however a very nice and quiet area.

One day I attended a meeting in the Langslet home and after the meeting, I mentioned to Audrey that I had a painting of the artist, who built the house we were sitting in. She got excited & wanted to see the painting so I invited her to our home. She liked the painting and asked if she could buy it, but we liked the painting too and were not planning to sell it.

I told her I saw another painting by Wieczorek at the LACMA, but it was just done in ink, very different from “our” Mrs. Baker. So this is my story to add to your article and we have always enjoyed Mrs. Baker.

Gerda Seifer


Friday July 25

Most residents of “Uptown Long Beach” recognize the colorful contraption on the cover of your July 11 Beachcomber as the “Orange Twist,” located on Atlantic Avenue near the Bixby Knolls Shopping Center.

More important than its location, here are some questions many of us would like answered:

(1) How many tens of thousands of dollars of North Long Beach tax increment, which was supposed to be used to remove blight, was sent south to the more affluent (non-blighted) area of Bixby Knolls to get this erected?

(2) Where (in whose pockets) did this monetary treasure end up?

(3) How much of this RDA money found its way back into the campaign chests of the politicians who looted the treasure?
This piece of art serves as a monument to why Governor Brown put an end to redevelopment. As the saying goes, “Follow the money!”

Dennis O’Hoyt