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Letters to Editor
Leave SEADIP Alone

Friday November 27

I live in the “hole” – University Park Estates these days. We moved into the neighborhood in 1977 just as SEADIP went into effect. We were well aware of the fight that had occurred to reduce development density prior to our moving into the neighborhood. The Bixby Village golf course was one part of the compromises that were obtained then for SEADIP. SEADIP has served Long Beach well in the past 30+ years. There is no need for any change.

The only people that want a change are developer/speculators that have overpaid for land within the SEADIP area with the expectation that some way they could get around the SEADIP restrictions. The idea being floated by the SEADIP review committee that we should add 60 percent or more to the population in the area and lots more retail/commercial development when traffic is already a large problem is just mind-bogglingly off base. Not to mention the negative impacts on the nearby wetlands that are certain to occur from more traffic, taller buildings (how else do you achieve the density), light pollution and all the other “benefits” we can count on if anything like the ideas now being floated were ever allowed to come to fruition in a veritable reversal of SEADIP.

It is not possible to mitigate the impacts of such population increase or commercial traffic increase. It will just make the neighborhood worse for everybody already living in the area. The original SEADIP was adopted to prevent exactly this kind of unreasonable development in this area.

There is no need for any change to SEADIP.

Rick Akers