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Letters to Editor
Obama Rhetoric

Tuesday October 21

I’m confused. Obama stated that by making our local mountain a national monument it will make it accessible to blacks and Hispanics. I have lived in this area all my life and have been to our local mountains many times. On many occasions I have seen blacks and Hispanics there also. Did the government or police put up road blocks recently that keeps Blacks and Hispanics out or is this more rhetoric coming from Obama to get more blacks, Hispanics and liberals to vote for Democrats in the November elections.

Leo Mitchell

Name vs. Sex

Saturday October 18

Hello Mr. Ramsey. Just wanted to thank you for calling it like it is ... so refreshing! [Oct. 17 column] I do believe most Americans feel as we do, but I worry that our country's apathy has caught up with us.
We have children in elementary school and in high school and this is of great concern to my husband and I. Thanks for your honest, candid article.

M. Marshall


Very insightful article on Oct 17th. Crazy how these "feel good" liberals work. I had to count how long the girls were in the confessional at 8th grade mass to find out who was worthy of asking out! (Just kidding). Now if we were in public school we could just walk in the girls bathroom and ask them ... If there weren't too many boys in there already.

Tom Gengler

Unlicensed Food Vendors

Saturday October 18

What a nice job! [Oct. 17 story by Kirt Ramirez] Your words were powerful and to the point I hope things will clean up city politics on this saga. One issue at a time. Nice job.

Rick Skarbo

Recycling Center

Friday October 17

What a refreshing pleasure to read the “Letter to the Editor” (Oct. 3) from a Chet Hartley who had kind, thoughtful words for the gentleman who runs the recycle enter at Woodruff/Del Amo. “Thank You” Mr. Hartley for writing ... and “Thank You” Mr. Beachcomber for printing.

Donna Reckseen

LBCC Update

Friday October 17

Thank you for this opportunity to update the Beachcomber readers on the latest LBCC news. This is definitely an exciting time for LBCC, with many positive changes including the addition of three new members to our Board of Trustees and the hiring of new faculty members.

Our Board of Trustees recently welcomed three new members: Irma Archuleta, Dr. Ginny Baxter, and Sunny Zia. All three bring a wealth of energy, experience in higher education and an unwavering commitment to our college.

I’m very proud to report that we have hired 54 new faculty members to join our LBCC family. All of our faculty members are ready to motivate and inspire our students and help them achieve their educational goals in this upcoming school year. Our faculty are dedicated professionals who look for new and engaging ways to teach their students.

We are in our third year of Promise
Pathways – our signature initiative that is part of the Long Beach College Promise partnership with Long Beach Unified School District and California State University, Long Beach. Through Promise Pathways, we place students in English and Math courses based broadly on their achievement in high school rather than how well they score on traditional standardized tests. Our innovative efforts here at LBCC have received national recognition, including a recent invitation to present at a White House panel on higher education.

Last month, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson joined us in celebrating a $14.9 million grant we received through the Career Pathways Trust. LBCC is the leading organization in this consortium of higher education, K-12 schools and industry partners in advanced manufacturing and engineering technology fields. This collaboration, called the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Technology Linked Learning Consortium, is committed to building a stronger path for students seeking careers in these critical professions in today’s economy. According to Superintendent Torlakson “our partnership is one of the strongest in California.”

Lastly, we just celebrated the start of construction to renovate Building C, the future home of our Nursing Program. This is the latest of a number of new construction and renovation projects, made possible through voter-approved Measure E bond funds. Every year, our bond program undergoes stringent performance and financial audits from independent auditors. I am pleased to report that there have been no findings or exceptions in either of these audits in the past five years.

We are a few weeks into the new school year and there is new energy on campus. I look forward to working with all of our faculty, staff and community to achieve student success.

Eloy Ortiz Oakley
LBCC Superintendent-President