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Letters to Editor
Shore Parking

Tuesday April 22


We don't need to tear down a $650,000 house for eight parking spaces.

I have worked and parked in Belmont Shore a lot. What I can say with certainty is there are wasted parking spaces everywhere due to poor parking practices by drivers. When I count the spaces wasted on the streets I park, I would venture to say it's in the 5-10 percent range.

What I see missing is any order to the curb parking on the residential streets. Why are there no simple curb markings indicating spaces to park? A large green dot would suffice. You park between the green dots or risk being ticketed. A standard parallel curb parking space is 21' - 24' long. Exceptions are made for construction work or moving equipment.

This just seems like an easy, low-cost way to gain parking spaces throughout Belmont Shore.

Robert Van der Upwich

Think Like Us

Monday April 21

Liberals think they're always correct about such things as climate change and never look at the past and don't seek easy solutions.

Charts from Gore's film make him look like the fool he is.
There's inconsistencies galore as heat rises during inconvenient times when industry didn't exist to pollute as it does today.

And why won't government synchronize stop lights to allow constant traffic flow increasing fuel efficiency in any vehicle and would increase economic output by getting workers and transportation of goods on quicker schedules. It'd help vehicle maintenance costs and possibly decrease accidents and could be done without costing business and citizens. It would cost far less than ridiculous incentives given alternative energy businesses and could stop strangling of fossil fuel energy sources through EPA standards on vehicles, business and energy creating sources.

No one needs liberal global warming clods trying to change the world as they make vast amounts of money. Get THEM out of the way and let thinkers and innovators get in and help without destroying hundreds of years of progress. Electric and solar aren't efficient with massive carbon footprints of their own and there's on way of safely getting rid of toxic electric car batteries. Electric cars have been around since before internal combustion engines and still aren't what they're advertised as.

Liberals demand to throw away the baby, the basin and anything else with the bathwater.

Vance Frederick