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Letters to Editor
Boulder City

Tuesday August 25

Thank you Beachcomber for telling the Boulder City story. I have only read Steve Propes articles a couple of times, but I have to tell you he captures what is said and accurately reports the information.

His article was as close to perfect as it gets, grabbing everyone's comments and feelings. As I watched him in the meeting intently listening to us argue and complain, the reporting is objective, honest and accurate. Thank you Beachcomber and Steve Propes for taking care of our Long Beach community.

Nancy Baggott

Medical Cannabis

Tuesday August 25


The Dallas Buyer's Club movie was a true story staged in l985 Dallas, Texas. Electrician and rodeo cowboy Ron Woodroof was an AIDS patient diagnosed when HIV/AIDS treatments were under-researched. At the time, the disease misunderstood and highly stigmatized. Ron was given a devastating prognosis of 30 days to live.

Woodruff worked around the system to help AIDS patients get the medication they needed. As part of the experimental AIDS treatment movement, he smuggled unapproved pharmaceutical drugs into Texas for treating his symptoms and distributed them to fellow patients by establishing the "Dallas Buyers Club." He continually faced opposition from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and police, eventually being jailed.

The parallels to the medical marijuana issue are uncanny.

Since William Randolph Hearst and his Congressional buddies first demonized/stigmatized marijuana through yellow journalism, it ceased being used as a medicine (although used for over 9,000 years). The entire "justice" and governmental systems have perpetuated the myths through the miserably-failed "war on drugs."

One-by-one citizens and states are recognizing that medical cannabis successfully treats a myriad of maladies — epilepsy, cancer, migraines, PTSD, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, etc. Yet, the DEA and other "law enforcement" agencies that wallow in asset forfeiture contraband are constantly preventing and/or undermining studies that would legitimize marijuana's efficacy.

Advocates, patients and citizens with disabilities are continually persecuted, harassed and even imprisoned for their efforts on the issue. Their life savings, homes and other assets are often stolen by a heartless government.

Isn't it time that we stop this insanity, embrace the power of this medicine and let it be accessible to those who need it?

Ron Woodroof died in 1992, but not without living his life to its fullest and generously contributing his precious time to a controversial but worthy endeavor.

Diana Lejins


Saturday August 22

Bravo for Susan Mirzazadeh's timely report on bullying in public schools. (Aug 21 Beachcomber). All too often when I taught at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach would I see teachers look the other way when one student would push or bump into another student on purpose in the halls instead of showing concern or disciplining or reporting the offender.

I taught at Wilson from 1980 to 2004, and invariably administrators and counselors would huddle together socializing during lunch outdoors instead of walking around the quad to make sure there was no misbehavior. After school, instead of patrolling the grounds to make sure there was no bullying while students entered buses near the credit union or on Park Avenue, again a principal or two would just stand in one spot, oblivious to what's going on elsewhere.

Students bring on bullying, but adults can also help prevent it by getting involved.

Gerald P. Lunderville

Minimum Wage

Friday August 21

Two minimum wage formulas:
Progressives: Same Effort = More Pay.
Conservatives: More Effort = More Pay
Which formula works for you?

Taylor Ramsey

Only one-third of the workers in Long Beach live in Long Beach. Our city council and mayor want to raise their pay so they can spend their money in another city. Why should an individual’s pay be put on the backs of business owners? If you don’t like what you make, better yourself and go find another job. Raising the minimum wage will put teenagers out of work, cause problems for seniors having to pay for home healthcare needs, non-profits, and every other industry in our small business community.

Raising the minimum wage has a huge rippling effect. What about the social programs that our government provides? All taxpayers will pay more to compensate for the rise in minimum wage. Long Beach will never be able to overcome their image of not being business friendly if they pass this. Long Beach is a small business community.

And if that’s not enough, labor unions did everything they could to get the minimum wage raised to $15 in Los Angeles. Now they are going back this week and asking the Los Angeles City Council to be exempt from it!

Raising the minimum wage is a serious issue in a small business community like Long Beach. Our mayor and city council should not take this on simply because they think it’s trending politically.

Susan Blair

Dangerous Coyotes

Friday August 21

Ms. Dmytryk’s lengthy letter had one sentence that actually dealt with safeguarding yourself and your pets from aggressive coyotes and the suggestions offered were iffy at best. This is all done to avoid the obvious solution of eradicating any animal that threatens human or pet life. In case Ms. Dmytryk and other bleeding hearts hadn’t noticed, the priority here are the human beings, their families and pets, not a dangerous wild animal whose species number in the millions across our lands.

People are not going to live their daily lives with electronic repellant devices, learn to hopefully “bluff” the animal, and razor wire their backyards anymore than they are going to stop texting when they drive. Not one example can be given where these techniques provided 100 percent safety. Theories and wishful thinking are fine when harm or death to a beloved pet isn’t in the mix. Just ask anyone who watched their dog or cat get ripped apart in front of them.

Robert Van der Upwich

Beach Path

Friday August 21

We at The Shoreline Terrace HOA have been very involved in the planning and construction of the new walk path recently completed by the City of Long Beach. However, our involvement began much too late, as we were not notified of the path to be built nor that it would be moved from the originally planned south side of the existing bike path to the north side – at the last hour. The city argued that they had sent out plenty of notices. However, they admitted that the notices that were to be posted in the private buildings between 4th Place and 10th Place were not posted.

We were not aware of any of this until it was too late. While we now must accept the path – at some 50 percent over budget [sic.] – due to moving the path north of the bike path (as stated by the original designer of the path). We are now experiencing the problems that we had discussed with the city some time before the path was completed:

* We now have more noise coming in from our front porches.
* We have dogs walking on the beach – both leashed and not leashed
* Causing safety hazards – once some child gets bitten. (And this will happen, sooner or later).
* Causing a health hazard. (When owners fail to remove their dog’s fecal matter).
* We now have a lot of trash scattered around the new walk path.

We have no response from the city nor the police in supporting the posted law “no dogs allowed on this beach.” We have written several emails and called several times to the police, who either don’t respond or refer us to animal control – who have not addressed the issue either.

Most of us along this beach are animal owners and lovers. We live here because we enjoy the peace and quiet and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. We also pay some of the highest taxes in Long Beach and yet we feel that we have been ignored and bypassed on this issue.

With some 2,000 voters along Ocean Boulevard between 4th and 10th street, we would expect more from our city and police department. We trust they will do their best to clear this up.

The Shoreline Terrace HOA.