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Letters to Editor
Obama Rhetoric

Friday October 31

I I’m confused. Obama stated that by making our local mountain a national monument it will make it accessible to blacks and Hispanics. I have lived in this area all my life and have been to our local mountains many times. On many occasions I have seen blacks and Hispanics there also. Did the government or police put up road blocks recently that keeps blacks and Hispanics out or is this more rhetoric coming from Obama to get more blacks, Hispanics and liberals to vote for Democrats in the November elections.

Leo Mitchell

Mid-Term Elections

Friday October 31

Over the years I have watch our unqualified politicians get elected to city council term out and then move to higher political better paying positions in Sacramento and to DC. Unfortunately these same politicians take their unqualified abilities to higher office for fatter pay checks and better retirement opportunities but nothing changes but fees and higher taxes. We have witnessed locals like the Lowenthals – both Bonnie and Alan – go to Sacramento and attempt to make correct financial decisions for their constituents and our state. Guess what, nothing has changed, more welfare and higher taxes are the results.

Do our representatives here locally, in Sacramento and in DC have the skills, background and business experience? When we vote do we even take the time to know the person’s background and what they really stand for? Apparently the answer is no. Most voters do not even know who their city council representative and state senators are. How about what congressional district do you live in? I bet most people cannot answer the above questions. Sad.

How can we expect these unqualified politicians to make good economic decisions when most of our representatives have never ran a business, handled a payroll and have no economic background? Most of them think that raising taxes is a good thing. Maybe the reason is that most of our representatives come from public sectors jobs paid by tax payers.

Recently, I called each of the nine city council offices and asked them what was their public or private sector experience. I was not surprised that eight out of nine city council members came from the public sector. Just a few had any private sector experience, so how can we expect these people to do the job? We can’t. So our city and state suffers while the politician gets wealthy.

Rick Skarbo