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Feature Stories
Community Rallies for Josh Bridgewater
By Kirt Ramirez
Josh Bridgewater was born with a hole in his back and with his spine sticking out. Doctors immediately operated on the spinal birth defect – spina bifida – to put the backbone back in. However Bridgewater would need surgeries his whole life to manage the rare condition and its related ailments. The ...
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Long Beach's One-of-a-Kind Casa Oceana
By Steve Propes
When retired developer Bob Langslet read the Beachcomber piece about the Jonah Jones residence on 37th Place at Ocean Blvd., he doubted Jones had ever lived at that home. No matter that the entire neighborhood consists of three residences, Langslet’s being by far the largest and most impressive, ...
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Home Center Calling
By Steve Propes
For me, nuisance phone calls began with alternate phone carrier MCI, which for some reason called incessantly, night and day in the 1980s. Then came the do not call list, which apparently had teeth. For years, these nuisance calls actually ceased and when one came in, it was treated like a federal case. ...
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The Cash Value of Honesty
By Al Jacobs
While staring directly into the mirror, pose this question: Is that the face of an honest person? If the answer is even marginally affirmative, then try the follow-up query: Will that really enhance my overall life performance? The point is the value of honesty must be analyzed objectively rather than ...
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Golden Opportunity for Disabled Youth
By R.J. Ross
“Stomp stomp ... clap clap Good Morning Camp Nugget!” says camp Co-Coordinator Jenesa Bradshaw as she leads the camp in their camp call. And all the campers know to respond with a “Stomp stomp ... clap clap good morning” of their own. If you walked on by Camp Nugget would sound like any other camp ...
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