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Long Beach California, 90815-0679
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Feature Stories
Explosions Rattle Residents
By Kirt Ramirez
John and Benita Malone had just moved in to their new home on Saint Joseph Avenue, a quiet, tree-lined street in the Fourth District close to Stearns Park and fire station 17, where fire and rescue training takes place. From the couple’s home to the fence of the training facility, it’s a quick stroll ...
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Fraud Hotline Benefits Community
By Johnny Romo
Cities and communities are mostly made up of hard working residents that all strive to make where they live a better place. But all cities have individuals who may try to gain more than they should through fraudulent behavior. Long Beach City Auditor Laura Doud came up with a solution to city fraud. ...
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CSULB Golden Graduates Honored
By Steve Propes
Celebration dampened by killing of CSULB student in Paris In 1965, President Johnson was increasing our role in Vietnam; more than a few male high school graduates showing concern about their draft status, but still having fun at the Nu-Pike or partying on the beach. The Queen Mary had yet ...
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