Jay Beeler Beachcombing

Iwish I had a nickel for every time the words “I wish” crossed my mind during the course of any day. Then I discovered that Amazon has a wish list, much like most other major retailers with an internet site. When you get older, you become satiated when it comes to material things. If you need it, you buy it. But when it comes to non material items, the only wish list that I know about ... more

Taylor Ramsey Are Taxpayers Enablers?

If you are a regular reader of my comments in this space it should come as no surprise to you that I just have to speak up regarding the elections next week. Except for a short stint up in Alaska, I have been a Californian all my life and for the life of me I cannot figure out why Californians are still electing representatives bent on spending your money so unwisely and in such large amounts. ... more

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Long Beach Plans for Possible Ebola Threat

Visit any local hospital and you will be questioned about recent out-of-country travel. If you specify travel to west Africa, chances are you will be sent to a “special room,” where your blood will be taken. According to Long Beach City Health Officer, Dr. Mitchell Kushner, “If someone shows up at the ER, they start asking them questions right away, ... more

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Open Letter To City Mgr. Pat West

On March 13, 2014 I filed a complaint of misconduct by members of the police department alleging false and misleading statements to the electorate, misappropriation of city equipment and overt violations of section 3206 of the government code. On March 14, I received a letter from Commander Robert Smith of the LBPD’s Internal Affairs Division that ... more

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'Iron Triangle' Ralphs Closing

The Ralphs supermarket at 5760 East Seventh St. will shutter on Nov. 8, leaving many shoppers unhappy. It has been open since 1974. Various shelves are empty as customers pick through whatever items are left. Kroger – the company that owns Ralphs and Food 4 Less – blamed underperformance for the closing. However, the Ralphs at that Bellflower ... more

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