By Jay Beeler Beachcombing

Last week when I heard that Prince had died I wondered what member of the British Royals had passed away. When learning that it was the entertainer, I honestly could not tell you the name of a single song that he performed. After his death dominated the news for several days the song “Purple Rain” seemed to emerge as his most popular hit. There was a time in the 1960s when I could remember every ... more

By Al Jacobs 15 Dollars Per Hour!!!

My state of California just joined the League of Benevolence by increasing the minimum wage all employers must pay their employees. Titled the “Fair Wage Act of 2016,” the rate will periodically rise over the next five years from the current $10 to $15 per hour – a 50 percent increase. The asserted justification for the increase is one of fairness and humanity. As one of its sponsors, Georgette Bradford, ... more

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Frontier's April Entry Disappointing to Many

Was scheduling a major land line/internet/FiOS switchover on April Fool’s Day somehow tempting fate? Lakewood resident John Lobue, who was part of the changeover from Verizon to Frontier could not be blamed for concluding that. Lobue recalled that the Sunday immediately after the change to Frontier, his internet service went down. “I called tech ... more

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Aquarium Festival Coming Up

The Aquarium of the Pacific will host its 7th Annual Urban Ocean Festival Saturday and Sunday April 30 and May 1. The event will feature art displays, mural painting, poetry readings, various booths, sustainable seafood tastings, live music and activities to educate the public on the urban ocean. The popular “Trashin’ Fashion Show” and contest ... more

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Cambodia Town Enriches LB Culture, Diversity

The Cambodian people have a rich history that began long before the creation of Cambodia Town, also known as Little Phnom Penh or Little Cambodia, in Long Beach. Cambodia Town is located on Anaheim Street between Atlantic and Junipero Avenue. In the 1980s a large population of Cambodians moved to Long Beach due to the mass genocide of their people ... more

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Changes Coming to Traffic Circle Area

The northwest corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Ximeno Avenue will get a makeover, as the Long Beach Planning Commission has unanimously given the approval. Four buildings will be demolished at that quadrant to make room for a new Carl’s Jr. and Rite-Aid. The restaurant and drug store will have drive-thru windows for picking up fast food and ... more

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