By Jay Beeler Beachcombing

Wednesday was another visit from the birthday fairy. I don’t mention that soliciting acknowledgement, but rather to make the observation that – lately – too many of our friends and relatives past the age of 70 have been going to their great reward in the sky. Tuesday we learned of the passing of Charles R. James, 71, husband of fellow communications professional Stephanie James. They were visiting ... more

By Al Jacobs Laws, Wellness

Why Laws Are Made Do you ever shudder at a law you consider bad and wonder how it came to be? You’re not alone; this is one of mankind’s perennial questions. There’s an answer: Laws are enacted to bestow benefits of one sort or another, and invariably the persons who reap the benefits are the ones who enact the laws. Consider a pair of examples. Several years ago California enacted Proposition ... more

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Dispensary Revival

With state regs on marijuana dispensaries apparently in place, on Sept. 22, the city council took a preliminary vote on whether to allow such dispensaries. By a margin of 6 to 3, the dispensaries won, as the council authorized nine, or one per council district, with Third District Councilwoman Suzie Price, Fifth District Councilwoman Stacy Mungo and ... more

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City to Get New Grocer

A Grocery Outlet will come to Long Beach early next year. The discount grocer will open in February at the intersection of Palo Verde Avenue and Spring Street in the former Fresh & Easy location. The supermarket will provide 60 percent off name brands every day and more than 450 healthy, organic items daily, according to the company’s website. ... more

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A Diamond Anniversary

A decade in the making, the Center for Latino Community Health at California State University, Long Beach recently moved to the Social Science and Public Affairs building on campus. On Friday, Sept. 25, the Center hosted a rededication and ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate its 10-year anniversary and campus relocation. “The move represents ... more

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CIF Building Character

“Working with others … healthy competition … building confidence … putting forth one’s best effort … These are just a few of examples of life lessons that athletics has to offer,” were the words chosen to introduce CIF Southern Section Commissioner Rob Wigod to an audience of Long Beach Rotarians at a recent luncheon meeting aboard the Queen Mary. Wigod ... more

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Illegal Structures

DEMOLITION CREWS leveled two “nuisance” houses at 2910 and 2014 Hill Street in Long Beach last Friday. Built next to the Signal Hill city limit in 2002, the developer failed to obtain the necessary utility permits or driveway easements and the structures remained empty ever since. Both were apparently set on fire by an arsonist 11 months ago in the ... more

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