By Jay Beeler Beachcombing

Former Long Beach Police Department Chief Anthony Batts has been in the national spotlight lately, but not necessarily for doing anything great. After less than three years as commissioner at the Baltimore Police Department, things have not gone well. So, based on past performance and a history of leaving before the axe falls, I’ve decided to pitch in and help Tony prepare this “unauthorized resume.” Long ... more

By Taylor Ramsey Reactions to Racist Shooting

On June 17th another horrific mass shooting took place in Charleston, South Carolina at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Ten people were shot and nine of them died. Our nation mourns with those who lost so much and have had to suffer and grieve. The incident has us thinking about many different subjects related to the actions taken by the racist terrorist who was captured the day ... more

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Cancer Concerns Change Soccer Infill Vote

At the end, it came down to concerns on the part of a commission member, who is also a cancer survivor. A special meeting of the City of Long Beach Parks and Recreation Committee was held on June 15 at the El Dorado Park Senior Center to evaluate the proposal for replacing grass with artificial turf in El Dorado Park West, Admiral Kidd and Seaside ... more

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Police Complaint Commission Inadequate

In a recent article published by the Gazette the LBPD Chief of Police stated that he wants to know when one of his officers acts in a manner that reflects poorly on the department or is illegal. That’s good, but it is not good enough. The public should know the results and findings related to misconduct complaints. We do not. In the same ... more

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The Gift of Freedom

On Independence Day we celebrate the gift of freedom given to us 239 years ago by the founders of our great nation. Freedom is as precious as life itself. However, its true value is rarely appreciated unless it is either threatened or lost. July Fourth isn’t just a day off. It’s more than barbecues and parties. The Fourth of July is a time to ... more

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Flat Strands Create Sandy, Long Beaches

It seems that SoCal beaches located near cliffs tend to have rocky grounds, whereas strands that are flat, like Long Beach, Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach and others, have fine sand. Why is this? This is the fifth year the Beachcomber has started summer by asking basic questions about the local landscape and/or climate. Richard Behl, ... more

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